Magic Touch Lash Adhesive
Magic Touch Lash Adhesive
Magic Touch Lash Adhesive
Magic Touch Lash Adhesive

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Magic Touch Lash Adhesive

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I’ve been so excited to release this product because I worked so long and hard on finding the perfect adhesive !! After a year of testing different products THIS IS IT BABES !! I’m so excited for you to try this lash glue because I truly believe it’s the best I have ever tried !! ( & trust me I tried a lot within these past years ) amazing quality , fast dry time , medium consistency, crazy good retention. Perfect for volume & classic lashing.

  • Magic Touch lash adhesive is 0.5-1sec dry time, it’s extremely fast so it is definitely for an ADVANCED lash artist that is moving fast and placing the extensions on natural lashes fast. The fast dry time is incredible because it allows you to work faster and not have extensions Stick together & allows you to avoid baby-sitting the extensions waiting for the dry to lash ( legit magic touch!! When you come into contact with the natural hair BOOM my baby is like magic 🤩)
  • Ideal temperature for lashing environment to be in while working with adhesive is 68-72 degrees F 
  • Humidity range : 30-70% this adhesive works under a wide range of humidity making it ideal under any humid / non- humid conditions.
  • Please store this glue upright in a dry , cool , out of sunlight location.
  • Retention : 6-8 weeks 🤩🤩🥰🥰
  • Unopened it is good for about 3 months , after opening the bottle good for only 1 month. Please throw away the glue after 1 month of opening.
  • To use adhesive - open the adhesive ,  hold the nozzle closed (preferably with a lash adhesive wipe or something lint & cotton free and shake for at least 1 min when first opening, after that shake for at least 30 seconds every time you are about to use it. Make sure you WIPE the nozzle clean before tightening the cap.